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Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd takes the following types of security measures: use of technologies and policies such as limited access data-centres, firewall technology, secure socket layer certificate authentication and limitations of administrative access to our systems.

In addition, it is policy for Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd not to ever send your credit card details via email, in fact, this is a practice we recommend you adopt in all of your Internet activities.

Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd uses E-way Solutions to provide a secure environment for the authorisation of credit card transactions over the Internet. Confidential information including client credit card details is encrypted the moment they are transmitted from the client's browser to the banking network using industry standard SSL 128 Bit encryption.

A client's credit card details are not stored anywhere on the Internet and the only company who has access to this data is the merchant's bank. The bank also sends confirmation information via the same encryption technology back to the client's browser. These secure processes provide clients with peace of mind when purchasing online.

Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd have designed shop.kelme.com.au to accept orders only from Web browsers that permit communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology; for example, versions 3.0 or higher of Netscape Navigator and versions 3.02 or higher of Internet Explorer. This means you should not be able to inadvertently place an order through an unsecured connection.

You can see that the shopping bag and checkout is a secure area of our site because a padlock symbol or key will appear in the bottom of your browser.

Privacy Statement

Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. Please read the following statement to understand how your personal information will be treated as you make full use of the Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd website.


Product details may be subject to change. Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd will endeavour to continuously update product details, but occasionally discrepancies may occur.

Gathering of Information

Voluntary Submission: Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd does not collect personally identifying information about any individual Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd website user except when knowingly provided by such individual. You always have the option not to provide the information we request.


A cookie is a data file that certain websites write to your computer's hard drive when you visit such sites. A cookie file can contain information, such as a user identification code, that the site uses to track the pages you have visited. The Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd website uses cookies to determine your pre-selected location on repeat visits to the website.

Browser Level Information

Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd web-servers automatically collect information about a site user's IP address, browser type and referrer by reading this information from the user's browser (information provided by every user's browser). This information is automatically logged by most websites.

Use of Information

The information collected via online forms or by browser type, will only be used by Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd. All information sent to the Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd website is held on secure database for marketing purposes. Our promise to people using our website is that this information will not be shared with any third party companies. However we may from time to time send you exciting new information about Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd via email or postal mail.

This statement may change from time to time, so please check back periodically.


IP address: Every computer connected to the Internet has a numeric address called an "IP address." This may or may not correspond uniquely to a particular computer. In some cases, IP addresses can be resolved to domain names, which may indicate a site visitor's Internet Service Provider (ISP), employer, university, etc. As part of its database analysis Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd resolves IP addresses to domain names.

Browser type: A user's browser is a software program running on a computer that allows users to access documents on the World Wide Web. Browsers can be either text or graphic. They read HTML coded pages that reside on a server and interpret the coding into what the user sees as Web pages. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are examples of Web browsers. Browser type typically discloses hardware platform, operating system, and browser software and version.

Referrer: The referrer is the URL of the Internet resource or page that causes a browser to request a page or image from Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd servers.

For more security information please contact sales@kelme.com.au

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